Tuesday, July 26, 2016

NSE Believes in the Four Squares

We created this board that is displayed in the NSE Think Tank so that all NSE employees can see how our NSE Beliefs align with our district's mission statement, vision of the four squares, nine priorities, and PBL Gold Standards.    

We believe that all students come to us with individual experiences and ideas that form a foundation for learning.  It is the district's mission to prepare all students for success. The success of our students and students across the district is measured by their ability to learn and apply academic concepts, and show good character in our school and community. All NSE staff members practice and teach the Cricket Way to all of our students.  Students and staff learn to - Be Kind - Listen - Stay on Task - and Do What You're Asked the First Time.  These rules and our nine character traits are emphasized each morning on NSETV, in the regular classroom, during guidance classes, and at our student recognition days.   

We believe that our teachers design authentic and purposeful learning experiences for all students.  It is the district's mission to provide all students meaningful, challenging, and engaging learning experiences.  Teachers are consistently involved in professional learning that provides them with the tools, resources, and strategies such as Project Based Learning (PBL), and technology to teach the SC standards and 21st century skills needed to be successful in today's workforce. Teachers are taught to constantly progress monitor student achievement and ability in order to adjust their instructional strategies. 

We believe that our school and community are committed to working together to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship.  In the same way, the RSD2 partners with the community to accomplish its mission. As mentioned in the four squares, schools cannot do what they are asked to do alone.  NSE partners with the University of South Carolina, Midlands Education and Business Alliance, National Center for Fathers (Watch DOGS), and more to provide real world opportunities for all of our students.