Saturday, February 20, 2016

Think Tank at NSE

We are about to unveil the "Think Tank" at NSE.  This is a place where faculty and staff can brainstorm on curriculum ideas, units of study, analyze student data, and come up with innovative ways to solve problems. The Think Tank at NSE will be driven by NSE's shared beliefs (2012).  The plan is to have as much up to date data, curriculum maps, calendars, curriculum resources, thinking space (i.e. white boards, SmartBoard, etc...) so that real thinking and problem solving can take place.  We believe that this space will get it's greatest use over the summer, but will continue into the 2016-2017 school year and beyond.

Grade levels, or groups of teachers can use the space to plan, design lessons, design projects, meet about student data, etc...  District personnel will be able to meet with teams to guide instruction and curriculum decisions.  The sky is the limit with this space.

This space is my old office by the way.  I cannot think of a better use for a space where I used to talk on the phone, check email, met with people, and hung my degree and a few pictures.  I have found out that I can do those things anywhere in the building as a Mobile Principal.

David Raths talks about designing a space that is driven by your vision and mission in his article, How to Launch a Campus Innovation Center. The space David describes and we are trying to create at NSE reminds me of the Deep Dive video created by IDEO.

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