Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon

I read Jon Gordon's book, The Energy Bus, this weekend.  It took me two sittings to read the entire book.  The book is that engaging and practical. There are a number of quotes that I wanted to share.

I definitely looked at this from a principal standpoint, but know that any one in a leadership role (teacher, teaching assistant, cafeteria manager) can apply this as well.

"You can choose to see the curse or the gift.  And this one choice will determine your life is success story or one big soap opera." When stuff happens, we can choose the curse or the gift.  As you know, everything happens for a reason.  Chalk it up for experience and grow from it!

"...take responsibility for your life and control your bus then you can take it where you want to go."  Too many times, we let others control our bus and we end up lost.  You want people on your bus that will support you even when you take a wrong turn.

"A smile changes the way you feel, the way you think, and how you interact with others." - nuff said!

"Our thoughts are powerful because they are loaded with energy."  A positive mental attitude is both healthy and productive.  Even in the midst of the worst circumstances, a positive mental attitude can turn the circumstance into a victory.

"Positive energy and positive people create positive results."  Positive energy can be interpreted as trust, faith, enthusiasm, purpose, joy, and happiness according to Gordon.  Much like the quote about choosing the curse or the gift, it is great to be around people who see the brighter side of things.

"When the work is piled high on your desk, think about how thankful you are to even have a job while so many are unemployed."  This takes a conscious effort or someone to remind you.  It is important that we watch out for each other and reverse the negativism if it rears its weary head.

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