Friday, July 31, 2015

The Progress Principal

In their book, Teresa Amabile and Steven Kramer write about, "using small wins to ignite joy, engagement, and creative work at work."  The concept is pretty simple and makes a lot of since.  Ultimately, the goal is to "...create the conditions for great 'inner work life' which are the conditions that foster positive emotions, strong internal motivation, and favorable perceptions of colleagues and the work itself."

When I read this book, I kept thinking about how this is true for the adults in the building, but also for each and every student we are charged to educate.  Our students need to be in an environment that produces positive emotions, strong internal motivation and favorable perceptions of their classmates and the work (tasks, projects, assignments, etc...) itself.

I believe that as we teach and work on the basics, we need to engage our boys and girls in projects, activities, and experiences that are meaningful to the students.  These experiences also need to benefit our school, community, and or society.  I am excited about NSE's involvement with The Buck Institute for Education and the Project Based Learning initiative.  Designing and implementing quality projects that embed our state standards, technology, creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking will enhance our learning.
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