Friday, June 12, 2015

Twitter and @dholzend @NseCrickets

I must promote the power of Twitter as an educator and school leader.  I signed up for Twitter through my district email several years ago.  It was at one of our RSD2 admin inservice meetings where (@georgecouros) inspired me to begin to Tweet on a regular basis.

I started my online presence with a "Principal's webpage."  Later, that webpage became a blog . Soon after that the blog became a Twitter page (@dholzend).  Twitter has connected me to a lot of professional educators. Now one of my favorite tools is thanks again to @georgecouros.

I heard George Couros @georgecouros say that many critics say that our children and many adults are disconnected because of technology (i.e. gaming, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc...).  In reality, they are more connected with their peers, family, and friends than ever before. Love it!!!!
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