Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Standards Implementation in RSD2

NSE administration attended the first of two standards implementation training days today.  The first part of the training was very reflective as we focused on "WHY" we do what we do at NSE.  We focused a lot on our beliefs and how we communicate or share our beliefs.  NSE's beliefs were established in 2012 after much deliberation, conversation, and collaboration the year before.  Much like today, we thought about what we believe as individuals as well as what we believe as a collective group.  A design team at NSE reviewed all of the information that was gathered and established the beliefs.  The most important belief is that we provide authentic and purposeful learning experiences all students.

The next part of the training focused on rigor via Karen Hess' work 2009. We determined whether or not certain task designed for students by teachers met various levels of Bloom's Taxonomy and Webb's Depth of Knowledge models (below).

NSE admin had an opportunity to share the successes of our school when it comes to "formative assessment," and the use of LEXIA.  We took a little different approach as we were challenged with putting the pitch into song, skit, dance, presentation, etc...  We took a more challenging role and sang our presentation. You can view this presentation at -

I must say that Mrs. Germann (Jenny G.), and Ms. Jennings (Cinda J.), assistant principals, challenged me (Dr. "H.") to REALLY think outside the box and sing about formative          assessments, LEXIA, and student growth.

Later (and on a more serious note), the discussion became about where we are as an admin team and as a school when it comes to seeing higher level teaching and learning based on the cognitive chart provided.  We feel like we (admin) need more training in order to design appropriate professional development for our teachers and staff.
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