Thursday, June 11, 2015

R2i2 in Richland Two

@NseCrickets are excited about the future possibilities that our Pre-K through fifth grade students will have through the Richland Two Institute of Innovation.  We are looking forward to the results that the students, community, and educators produce as well as the collaboration with elementary and middle schools across the district.

NSE is working to link our Innovation Station (i.e. Design Center) to the R2i2 program as best we can.  Our Pre-K through five students are chomping at the bit to get involved in similar programming areas:

Advanced Information Technologies – Supply-Chain Logistics – Advanced Manufacturing – Advanced Engineering – Advanced Hospitality Arts – Common threads • Entrepreneurship • Information technology • Leadership

"We MUST expose our early childhood and elementary students to the possibilities that are out there between their early childhood education to college and career in order to maximise their potential in the later grades." - Dr. "H."
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