Wednesday, June 24, 2015

SCASA i3 - 2015

SCASA's i3 Conference was a HUGE success this year!  Thank you to all of the tremendous leaders who work together to make this happen.  Jon Gordon, author of the Energy Bus, was a very inspirational and posiitve speaker.

The sessions I attended on STEM education, effective leadership, legal matters, SC's teacher and principal evaluation system, etc... were very informative.

Wednesday's keynote given by the Honorable Molly Spearman, SC State Superintendent, was very encouraging and confirming about what we are doing and going to do at NSE.  She has a strong emphasis on reading at the early childhood grades, STEM education, the profile of a SC graduate, community involvement.  We are focused on the same things at NSE.  Let's make it happen!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Standards Implementation in RSD2

NSE administration attended the first of two standards implementation training days today.  The first part of the training was very reflective as we focused on "WHY" we do what we do at NSE.  We focused a lot on our beliefs and how we communicate or share our beliefs.  NSE's beliefs were established in 2012 after much deliberation, conversation, and collaboration the year before.  Much like today, we thought about what we believe as individuals as well as what we believe as a collective group.  A design team at NSE reviewed all of the information that was gathered and established the beliefs.  The most important belief is that we provide authentic and purposeful learning experiences all students.

The next part of the training focused on rigor via Karen Hess' work 2009. We determined whether or not certain task designed for students by teachers met various levels of Bloom's Taxonomy and Webb's Depth of Knowledge models (below).

NSE admin had an opportunity to share the successes of our school when it comes to "formative assessment," and the use of LEXIA.  We took a little different approach as we were challenged with putting the pitch into song, skit, dance, presentation, etc...  We took a more challenging role and sang our presentation. You can view this presentation at -

I must say that Mrs. Germann (Jenny G.), and Ms. Jennings (Cinda J.), assistant principals, challenged me (Dr. "H.") to REALLY think outside the box and sing about formative          assessments, LEXIA, and student growth.

Later (and on a more serious note), the discussion became about where we are as an admin team and as a school when it comes to seeing higher level teaching and learning based on the cognitive chart provided.  We feel like we (admin) need more training in order to design appropriate professional development for our teachers and staff.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Twitter and @dholzend @NseCrickets

I must promote the power of Twitter as an educator and school leader.  I signed up for Twitter through my district email several years ago.  It was at one of our RSD2 admin inservice meetings where (@georgecouros) inspired me to begin to Tweet on a regular basis.

I started my online presence with a "Principal's webpage."  Later, that webpage became a blog . Soon after that the blog became a Twitter page (@dholzend).  Twitter has connected me to a lot of professional educators. Now one of my favorite tools is thanks again to @georgecouros.

I heard George Couros @georgecouros say that many critics say that our children and many adults are disconnected because of technology (i.e. gaming, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc...).  In reality, they are more connected with their peers, family, and friends than ever before. Love it!!!!

The Relevant Educator

Anderson and Whitby outline these practices in their book, The Relevant Educator. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

R2i2 in Richland Two

@NseCrickets are excited about the future possibilities that our Pre-K through fifth grade students will have through the Richland Two Institute of Innovation.  We are looking forward to the results that the students, community, and educators produce as well as the collaboration with elementary and middle schools across the district.

NSE is working to link our Innovation Station (i.e. Design Center) to the R2i2 program as best we can.  Our Pre-K through five students are chomping at the bit to get involved in similar programming areas:

Advanced Information Technologies – Supply-Chain Logistics – Advanced Manufacturing – Advanced Engineering – Advanced Hospitality Arts – Common threads • Entrepreneurship • Information technology • Leadership

"We MUST expose our early childhood and elementary students to the possibilities that are out there between their early childhood education to college and career in order to maximise their potential in the later grades." - Dr. "H."

SC Midlands Tech Summit Concludes

Today was another awesome day at the #r2scms15 conference.  George was in rare form as usual.  The sessions were very informative and inspiring.

NSE Crickets were very well represented with 25 faculty, staff, and administrators in attendance.  I know that we all learned a great deal and have a lot of great ideas and tools to use as we prepare for next school year.

Great job RSD2 Technology Integration team!!!!!

Click on the image to read all about it!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

SC Midlands Tech Summit (#RichlandTwo #r2scms15)

I am just learning this awesome new tool, but it sounds really cool. George Couros says that media outlets use it all of the time on their webpages to capture viewer comments and Tweets.  Click on the image above for some Tweetable comments from today's summit.