Monday, October 20, 2014

The 2X10 Strategy @ NSE

I sent an email that had a link to the following article to our faculty and staff: The 2×10 strategy: a miraculous solution for behavior issues? 

You would be amazed at the response that we have had. I have had a first grade teacher who said that she started the intervention with several students and has already seen a difference. There are others who have started to have these one on one conversations and beginning to develop these types of relationships with students. 

There are others who I have had similar conversations with and expect that this sort of strategy or intervention will make a difference in the student. About 80% of our discipline referrals are boys. Finding out what makes our boys tick and understanding how they learn and socialize at school is critical to their success. 

Too many of our boys and girls are diagnosed with ADD, and ADHD at an early age. I believe that we need to adjust the school environment to meet the needs of the students. The era of accountability has limited our level of creativity, thinking outside the box, and summer activity/camp mentality when it comes to August-May. 
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