Sunday, October 19, 2014

Text Dependent Questions

This past Thursday, October 16, our faculty had a professional development session devoted to the use of text dependent questions. The structure of the day was that our best practices implementation team presented definitions, categories, and samples of text dependent questions. Ms. Garrett, our second grade team leader, presented a real life example from her classroom. The other faculty members were able to practice in small groups developing text dependent questions (Fisher and Frey) from a second grade informational text. We then discussed the results of this practice as a formative assessment of understanding. Teachers were then allowed to go to their pods and create text dependent questions for an informational text on their grade level to bring back to afternoon session and share out. Teachers will implement the text dependent questions in an up and coming lesson. Later, each teacher will have the opportunity to share with their colleagues the evidence and reflection that comes out of the lesson.
I was excited about the examples of how teachers plan to implement the use of text dependent questions in their classroom. I am also excited about the comments that I heard about the importance of using text dependent questions and getting students to slow down and think more critically about their reading.

In addition, we gave each teacher a North Springs Standards ToolKit for them to store all of the great strategies we learn about during the implementation of the state standards.
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