Sunday, September 14, 2014

Take the Time...

After re-reading the first part of chapter one in the book Leaders of Their Own Learning, I was able to summarize the chapter in the following way:

1. Take the time to write quality learning targets for each lesson based on your standards.
2. Take the time to discuss the learning targets with your students so that they have an understanding of where they are going.
3. Take the time to refer to the learning target throughout the lesson to check for understanding.
4. Take the time to connect the learning target to a bigger more meaningful task such as a project, presentation, performance, etc...
5. Take the time to allow your students to assess their own progress throughout and at the end of the lesson.

I use the phrase, "Take the time," because the one practice or behavior that I have adopted as a result of best practices in teaching the Common Core standards or any standards for that matter is that we need to slow down and dig deeper into understanding. In the past, we have been in such a hurry to make sure that we cover all of the standards required for our grade level. Unfortunately, that's all we did was cover the standards. We will get much better results by slowing down, digging deeper, and involving the students in their learning.
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