Friday, September 12, 2014

Lesson Planning

There has been some discussion about the purpose of lesson planning. I am one of those people who does not mind analyzing why we have always done what we do and considering other ways to accomplish the same goal. Therefore, I have done some searching on what are the essential components of a lesson plan. Winthrop University provides this as the components of a basic lesson plan. The bottom line is that weekly lesson plans and units of study are primarily for the teacher to follow. Secondarily, they are for classroom visitors to follow to know what is being taught and transparency.

For me, it is about the process. As a classroom teacher, what do you think about when planning a lesson? What questions will you ask? How do you know that your students understand and can apply what they have learned? What materials do you need to accomplish these goals? What procedures do your students need to follow? What do you need to do and say as the facilitator of learning?

In addition, as a teacher I would want to make sure that my administrative team knows what I have planned in the case that a question or concern comes up about the success of my students. Anyone visiting my class should know our academic focus by observing the students, analyzing student work, listening to conversations, etc...
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