Thursday, August 21, 2014

You've been Pupped

Hey! Great job these first two days of school! I have been nothing but impressed with our ability to get 760 students into the building happy, feed them, cause them to learn valuable information and skills, feed them again, and get them on their way back home as efficiently as we do. I have been impressed with the activities that you all are designing to help them learn the routines, procedures, and norms here at NSE.

I have also been blown away by the support that our itinerants and district office personnel have shown these first two days.

We must keep the momentum!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge

Your administrative team is committed to bringing JOY to NSE. Our assistant superintendents challenged each principal to join them in the Joy Ice Bucket Challenge. There was no hesitation on the part of the NSE team. The challenge went out shortly after 4:00pm on Friday, August 15, 2014, and by 5:00pm the NSE team was drenched in cold ice water! We want our faculty and staff, students, parents, and community to enJOY their learning experience this school year. It is going to be a Blockbuster year!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Kid President

I love this "kid's" attitude on life. He is making a difference in the world by having fun and publishing it on YouTube. Are you having fun making a difference? Are you spreading the JOY? What are you doing to make a difference? I know he has made me think about my influence lately.

Take the time to watch Kid President; The True Story