Friday, July 25, 2014

CNN's Better by Design

A school that acts like a tech lab
What I like about this idea is that students and teachers share space, lessons, and materials to engage in learning. The spaces are flexible and encourage collaboration. The spaces allow both teachers and students to take risk in their learning. Today, teachers should be working along side students in facilitating their learning and discovery of new concepts. In addition, more and more adult work places are becoming less cubical like and more collaborative. This goes along with the philosophy behind NSE's design center and collaborative design rooms in each pod. Click on both captions to view the short CNN articles.

Playgrounds that kids build themselves
We recently received new playground equipment at NSE. It doesn't look anything like this unfortunately. I like the idea of these portable playgrounds and the physical, mental, and collaborative opportunities that they provide for students and I bet some adults if we had some. We want students to imagine and discover new ideas and new ways of doing things. Employees from all levels discovering new ideas, products, etc... is what a lot of companies are now focusing on. We need to prepare our boys and girls for that type of work environment.
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