Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer PD

So far, the summer professional development that I have been a part of has been both informative and reassuring that we at NSE are doing what is best for students. My summer started with the RSD2 administrator inservice. At the inservice, we were all challenged to choose a book, read it, and either facilitate a conversation about the book or be a part of the conversation. I chose the book, The Power of Protocols. The reason I chose this book is because, I believe that I need to do a better job of facilitating productive conversations about our school and student work.

Later that first week out of school, along with a number of other NSE folks, I attended the SC Midlands Technology Summit. You can read more about my experience at the summit in a previous post below.

This week Mrs. Germann, Dr. Catoe, and I attended the annual South Carolina Association of School Administrators (SCASA) conference. This conference proved to be very inspirational and informative. Two of the most beneficial sessions I attended were a session called, Suspension Doesn't Change Behavior - Now What? and a presentation from the four Palmetto Finest 2014 winners.

In the session about student behavior, I was reminded that consequences without reinforcement and support for learning does not change behaviors. Students need to feel successful and safe in their school environments. When they feel uncomfortable either academically and or socially, their behaviors can change for the worse. If they do mess up, they need to know that it is a teaching moment, that a natural consequence may be necessary, and that they have your support (the teacher) after the fact or when they return to your classroom. Too often, students feel like they cannot return to class without ridicule or a chance to be successful. Therefore, they continue to mess up because this has become their reputation and they are successful at the negative behavior.

The Palmetto's Finest award is a heavily coveted award in South Carolina. North Springs won this prestigious award back in 2000-2001. I attended this session for two reasons. One, I wanted to find out what the criteria was to be recognized for such an award so that we can begin working on areas related to its criteria. Second, I wanted to know if this was something that we could strive for in order to once again give NSE the recognition it deserves. As I listened to the presenters, I was encouraged by the things that we are doing and plan to do this coming school year. Our students continue to perform above the district and state levels in PASS. We have tremendous programs and organizations that engage our parents and community in the educational process. We have highly qualified and dedicated teachers who know their students and help them grow academically, socially, physically, and emotionally.

What a great start to a summer of learning and reflection. I am already looking forward to the start of a new school year. Please share your professional development opportunities on the Google Docs form.

Continue to have a fun and safe summer!

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