Wednesday, June 11, 2014

SC Technology Summit 2014 - Day 1

I am so glad that I decided to attend the 2014 SC Technology Summit hosted by Richland School District Two. This morning's keynote speaker, Steve Dembo, was an inspiration for all of us. He taught me that the use of technology in the classroom is virtually unlimited. He also gave a great perspective as to why using technology in the classroom effectively is so important in today's society. You can learn more about Steve at Discover Education.

I also had the fortune of attending three sessions today. The first session was about Discovery Education Builder Tools. The session was taught by North Springs' very own Technology Learning Coach, Mrs. Nikki Allmann. I had know experience with the DE Builder Tools and was able to create a class, create a lesson, assign the lesson, and view the lesson from the student's perspective.

I also attending a session about North Springs' very own Culinary One on One program and it's R2 Innovates initiative. Mrs. Rosemary Duck and Mrs. Allmann shared the collaborative effort that they took to create such a successful and inspirational program for all students and many adults. I learned some things that I was not aware of that they have incorporated into the program. Great job!

Later, I attended a session by keynote speaker, Catlin Tucker. Catlin shared 10 tips for using Google to enhance and engage students in research methods. I learned a great deal about the Google research tool.

Overall, today was a great success. Great job RSD2!
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