Saturday, May 17, 2014

Leaders of Their Own Learning

During my trip to Connecticut, I also started reading Ron Berger's new book called, Leaders of Their Own Thinking. Ron wrote this book in collaboration with author, Leah Rugen, and Libby Woodfin, the director of publications for Expeditionary Learning.

Of course, the first thing that attracted me to this book was the fact that Ron Berger was one of the authors. Ron Berger's book, An Ethic of Excellence, probably inspired more people at NSE to take learning to another level than anything else we have ever done with professional development. This new book is a great follow-up to Ron's first book and talks about how teachers and school leaders can involve students in their learning and assessment.

While Ron's first book was an inspiration, this book is a wealth of examples, stories, resources, and advice when it comes to formative assessment and student led conferences. The book has links to videos, actual case studies, a number of examples, and rubrics that help classroom teachers and school leaders better understand how to create a culture of excellence.

I am about one fifth of the way through the book and am sold that this is a great resource for all teachers and school leaders.

Leaders of Their Own Learning (Dr. H's reflections)
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