Sunday, November 24, 2013

Random Reading and Thoughts

Top 13 Things to Look for in a CCSS Program - almost every curriculum program whether electronic or workbook based that comes across my desk has CCSS attached to the title or description.  However, most of these programs do not effectively meet the criteria for CCSS.  This short check list helps identify what is important as we purchase additional and supplementary materials for the classroom.

Electronic Menus??? - I thought this was interesting.  Restaurants are beginning to replace hard copy menus with tablets.  

"The machine never forgets to upsell," says Linda Duke, CEO of San Rafael, California-based restaurant consulting firm Duke Marketing.

"Some electronic menus also allow diners to pay without asking for the check. While this option that does not eliminate waiters, it can save time."

Why Measure Student Growth? - This article came from NWEA, the company that produces the MAP tests and reports.

"In a time lapse film of a flower, the visual effect is created through multiple snapshots threaded together to show the plant’s trajectory from bud to bloom. Student growth can be measured in a similar way, through a series of snapshots that measure achievement at a given time. Assessments, taken at different points through the year, can provide these learning snapshots, and when viewed together, show the pattern of a student’s growth." 

Take Back Your Classroom - This is a video interview with Dr. Howie Knoff, author, consultant, and lecturer on positive behavior support systems in schools.  One piece that I did not hear Dr. Knoff talk about as a motivator is the type of work that we ask students to do at school which can be a huge motivator if the students are emotionally or intellectually tied to the project.    
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