Thursday, October 24, 2013

"Every Day in Every Classroom"

In the wake of our most recent professional development, I would like to post on an article in Educational Leadership (EL).  The article is titled, Every Day in Every Classroom.  The author, Laura Greenstein, gives some good examples of effective formative assessment before, during, and after a lesson or unit.  Greenstein emphasizes that formative assessment helps students focus, learn much more along the way, be secure knowing how grades will be determined, assess their own and other's work using rubrics, and more comfortable taking summative assessments and standardized tests.  The bottom line is that students are better prepared when the grade, assessment, or task really matters.

Forest Lake Elementary

In addition to Greenstein's article, Richland Two's very own Forest Lake Elementary was featured in an article/video titled, How Differentiation and Assessment Work at Forest Lake Elementary.  The article/video does a fabulous job of summarizing how teachers at the school use assessment tools and technology to differentiate learning and assessments.  

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