Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Take on the ...

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) were established to provide teachers, parents, and students a clear understanding of what it is they need to learn at various levels of their K -12 educational careers.  So far, there are standards for English language arts and math.  The standards were designed to prepare students for college and real world careers.  South Carolina adopted the standards in July of 2010 and will be fully implemented in the 2014-2015 school year.  Richland School District Two has been working on implementing the CCSS into the various grade levels impacted since the state adopted the standards.

Over the last several years, the district academics team has been providing a variety of professional development sessions on the CCSS which includes training at each school at each grade level.  In addition, each school has developed a school CCSS implementation team to help with this transition.  These school teams will be responsible for providing additional professional development and resources for our teachers. North Springs' implementation team consists of Mr. Lawrence (assistant principal), Mrs. Germann (assistant principal), Dr. Catoe (STEMS lead teacher), Mr. Andrew Williams (fifth grade teacher), Mrs. Kristie Conklin (kindergarten STEMS teacher) and myself.

As a result of the district's efforts we have been provided a number of valuable resources to help us educate each other and our community about the CCSS.  Please take the time below to review some of these resources:

Common Core State Standards Initiative - a great overview of the national effort
Common Core in South Carolina - includes an implementation timeline for SC
ELA Standards
Math Standards
Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium - provides examples of possible future test items
National PTA - provides parent guides to student success when it comes to CCS (Spanish and English)
SC Education Oversight Committee - provides family friendly explanation of the state standards (Spanish and English)
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