Wednesday, November 14, 2012

NSE Cannot Do It Alone - We Need Your Voice

The Richland School District Two Design Team designed an event called, The Parent Partnership Summit, that took place November 8, 2012 at the Columbia Place Mall.  The participants at the summit were made up of parents, students, teachers, school administrators, district administrators, board members, a state legislator, and more.  Mr. Jamie Vollmer, author of the book Schools Cannot Do It Alone, was the keynote speaker.  In addition to Mr. Vollmer speaking, Mr. George Thompson, president of the Schlechty Center, facilitated a panel discussion which included parents, Dr. Brochu, and Mr. Vollmer.  Later, participants broke out into smaller groups and had conversations facilitated by design team members.  

As soon as I returned from the summit, I began to brainstorm on how we at NSE could continue the conversation and include more people.  I looked at the calendar and noticed that we had a PTO and an SIC meeting scheduled for this week.  I asked Mr. Steve Padgett, our PTO president, and Mrs. Calvernetta Brown, our SIC president, if they would be okay with us combining our meetings and having some of the participants at the summit share.    

Tuesday evening we had about 30 people show up for the combined meeting.  The conversation was both informative and inspiring as we look to spread the Richland Two Story as well as create and spread the NSE Story to the rest of the North Springs community.  In addition to this start-up meeting, I offered to order everyone at the meeting a copy of Vollmer's book.  There will be thirty-two people at NSE who have a copy of this book and are invited to participate in the discussion blog.  Please share your thoughts and ideas as you read the book and other people's comments about the book.

Thank you for your willingness to participate in this very important discussion.  

Dr. H.