Friday, October 19, 2012

Our business partners are extremely important to the success of our school.  I can think of a number of examples where certain businesses have helped out our school or our students in a number of ways.

I can think back to the beginning of my time as principal at NSE when Hope Baptist Church contacted me and spoke to me about the backpack program that they support.

I can remember a parent who volunteered time at NSE as an employee at Verizon Wireless.  Verizon ended up writing our school a check for $700 for her time volunteered.  We were able to purchase the flat screen TV for our front office with this money.

This summer Home Depot (Sandhills) donated the materials for us to build the news desk for our NSE TV studio.   Alpine Sales helped us complete the project by donating the top and professionally staining the base of the desk.

There are many stories that we could tell about the help and support that our business partners provide for us on a daily basis.  The businesses that you see to the left have consistently been supporters of NSE. Thank you for your help!
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