Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's Not Just School, It's a Career!

One of the other programs that I am very excited about is our NSE Safety Patrols (NSESP).  Two of our fourth grade teachers, Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Powell, have done an outstanding job as the safety patrol coordinators.

The NSESP is responsible for opening car doors in the morning for students as they exit their cars.  One of the reasons for this is to keep students safe.  The second reason is to provide customer service to our parents and students with a friendly smile each day.  The NSESP students always tell the parents to have a great day as they leave.

The NSESP are also strategically placed in the cafeteria to help out with the breakfast line.  The NSESP students help students know where to stop before entering the kitchen to pick up their food.  They greet students with a smile every morning.

Finally, our NSESP also patrol the hallways in the morning saying good morning to their fellow crickets and making sure that the students are walking on the cricket line.  NSESP students are always positive and ask students to do the right thing in a respectful manner.  If a student is not cooperative which is extremely rare, the NSESP student will calmly notify a nearby staff member.

What I value about the NSESP program is that it provides additional safety and security in our building, it gives students responsibility and ownership throughout the building, and we see staff members and students working together to make sure that our day starts on a positive note and ends on positive note.  Thank you to our NSESP and to Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Powell for doing such a phenomenal job!

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